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Chesapeake Debuts First-Ever Large Farmers Market

Brand New & FRESH! The Chesapeake Farmers Marketplace at City Hall is set to be an area go-to for all things local!

CHESAPEAKE, VIRGINIA - Offering a diverse taste of the area’s finest, a new Saturday marketplace emerges: Locavores Rejoice - residents of Chesapeake and beyond will soon have a new Saturday destination for scoring locally grown produce and so much more! The new Chesapeake Farmers Marketplace kicks off May 25th, and continues every Saturday through October 26th - with specialty markets scheduled for Nov. 16th and Dec. 14th. The Marketplace will operate each week from 8:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

Sponsored by the City of Chesapeake, the marketplace series-of-events operates in partnership with the City’s Parks, Recreation & Tourism Department. "We are very excited to have the Chesapeake Farmers Marketplace debut in May. It will be a very popular Saturday morning destination," said Council Member Debbie Ritter.

The venue could easily be described as farmers market perfection. Situated just off Cedar Rd., which sees roughly 28,000 vehicles per day. The marketplace is located directly across from the very popular Great Bridge Community Center, and just steps away from Chesapeake’s Central Library, a bustling library, with an average visitor count of 800 to 1,000 visitors per Saturday. Before leaving, visitors can enjoy a stroll through Chesapeake’s newly designated Courtyard Square Park - a park which directly connects to the Marketplace.

Patrons of the marketplace should feel good knowing they’re not just saving farms, they’re supporting small businesses, feeding those in need and saving the lives of shelter pets. The marketplace has pledged to be a major supporter of Chesapeake Animal Services “Guardian Angel” program - a program aimed at saving lives by allowing donors to sponsor adoptions of the shelter’s most vulnerable.

Marketplace vendors are limited to those offering homegrown and locally produced foods, high-quality artisan wares, and food trucks.

Those who are interested in joining the ranks of over 50 other top-notch vendors are encouraged to apply. Vendors may attend weekly, every other week, or monthly.

About Our Mission: The Chesapeake Farmers Marketplace is a not-for-profit event whose sole purpose is to benefit the public. The Marketplace: Provides Public Education (Agriculture, Health & Community), Supports our region's farms by connecting consumers directly to local food producers, thereby strengthening urban-rural community bonds. Reinforces Community Development & Health (Physical, Economic, and Social Environment), Contributes to Community Causes (Saves the lives of shelter pets, and provides food at no cost to those in the community facing food insecurity, including our most vulnerable: Children, Seniors, and Veterans), Creates a Vibrant Community Gathering Place, Acts as a Small Business Incubator, Enhances Tourism, and Assists other local Nonprofits, Community Organizations & Schools (By providing a platform where they can shine and share their mission with the public.)


The Chesapeake Farmers Marketplace at City Hall - Opportunity Abounds!

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Written by: Alison Johnson

The Chesapeake Farmers Marketplace is located at City Hall in the Great Bridge borough of the wonderful City of Chesapeake, Virginia. The United States Census Bureau reports the 23322 zip code has a Median Household Income of over $96K .

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