Become a Vendor!



Numerous vendors participating in other markets have asked if they could attend The Marketplace just once a month.

There’s just one thing we have to say….YES!

We’re breaking the rules…for a limited time. (Very Limited!)

This new event has received an overwhelming response - Most vendor categories are either completely full or nearing full capacity. Vendor success is paramount, for this reason, we do not saturate any category of goods.

Visit our “Remarkable Opportunities” page to view opportunities that have just been added. (*Limited to just one vendor each!) *Please note: Qualified vendors are accepted on a first-come-first-served basis.

*All vendors are required to attend the May 25th Grand Opening Marketplace event. (You wouldn’t want to miss it!) Vendors must also commit to attending a minimum of (1) event in June, July, August, September & October. (Special Event dates: Nov. 16th & Dec. 14th are optional.)

*Vendors may attend multiple events per month.

Click here for more information:

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We’re so happy that you are interested in becoming a vendor!

If you would like to receive a vendor application for our 2019 series of events, please use our “contact form” to send your request. Clicking the link below will CARRY you Directly to our contact form. In The MESSAGE SECTION, please indicate what you’d like to vend at the marketplace and that you’d like to receive a vendor application.

*Vendors participating in the 2019 Marketplace will be given first right of refusal for 2020.


If you have not received a response to your vendor application within (10) business days, please check your spam folder.